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Meg Smith

Courtney Wetzel

My girls. That’s what I think of when I think of Chi O. My girls who got my back. My girls who laugh, cry, play and goof off with me. My girls who just get me. There have been so many times where I have been surprised and completely overwhelmed with the love from every. single. girl. in this chapter. Not just my best friends, not just the people who I have classes with, not just the girls in my pledge class, but everyone. I think when us girls enter a new phase of life in a new place, like going to college, we seek these type of people; the people who know and love us. We seek love and attention from people around us. These people that we seek have our backs, whether it’s a desperately needed movie night, break up, or just some plain old shenanigans. The way the girls in this chapter fiercely love and serve each other is inspiring and challenging. Reading through these blogs you will hear stories and testimonies of girls who have found their tribe in Chi O. Mine is no different. Yes, each of us have the same result, but our journeys are all different. Coming into college we all come from different places and we all have our own stories, stories that will continue through these four years. My story has been defined by Chi O, the friends that it has given me, and the lessons that it has taught me.