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Marie Atmar

Courtney Wetzel

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I had a pretty lonely high school experience. I had about two consistent friends who weren’t ever on the same page as me. They loved telling me what I wanted to hear, rather than what I deeply needed to hear. It was hard to feel comfortable in myself because of my insecurity in my friendships. Jesus was my best friend in this lonely time but there were so many parts of me, deep down, wondering why the Lord wouldn’t give me solid friends when I knew how much he wanted it for me and how He stresses that two are better than one.

And as hard as it was, the Lord was drawing nearer to me, whispering how badly He couldn’t wait to see the look on my face when He finally provided me with the community He had been dying to give me my whole life. When The Lord finally brought the gift out from behind his back, it was Chi Omega.

The friendships I had longed for, the sharpening I so desperately needed, the embracing of my gifts and character, the feeling of being known and wanted, the grace I’ve been given despite my mistakes: it was here. Chi O provided a place for me to let down my walls and be myself. And while there are times when I feel less of myself, the girls in chi omega are constantly pushing me to dig deeper into the vulnerable, icky parts of my soul. What I love most about ChiO is the emphasis it has on uplifting its sisters. True friendship, sisterhood means coming alongside one another and keeping each other accountable. My sisters love me enough to pull me aside and tell me that what they are seeing is not like me and they desperately want to lean in and walk with me to defeat my struggles.

Being a part of chio is something far greater than myself. Friendship isn’t about what you gain but what you can give. These girls have already given me so much more than I could’ve asked for. These girls understand that their worth isn’t found in how I or anyone else treats them because it’s so steadily found in Jesus. It’s not about me. It has never been about me. It’s about Jesus. My heart sings that I have the privilege and joy of serving this sorority with all my heart the next several years. I don’t deserve it.