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Gabi Minor

Courtney Wetzel

I’ve always grown up thinking… you grow up, graduate high school, go to college, and join a sorority. I watched the girls I looked up to in life grow up and do those things, so naturally, that made sense for me to do the same. However, I love my family and my home, they’re my comfort zone, and leaving for college and changing life altogether was a serious fear for me.  

The crazy thing is, I am now that girl and old enough to have done all of those things, and I love the life that I live every day. The Lord’s faithfulness has been shown through and through with each leap I’ve taken to get there. Joining a sorority, joining Chi Omega, is nothing at all what I dreamed. Only a thousand times better. My short time in Chi Omega so far has taught me more how to love and serve others than I’ve ever known before. Looking back now, I can see the prayers that have been extended to me, back to before I even walked into the house, all the way to now. This place, this home away from home, is family, and it is oh so dear.

Learning and pursuing every value that is near in the heart of Chi Omega has been the neatest experience. Every girl in Chi Omege works earnestly, speaks kindly, and acts sincerely. The friends I have found here, show me that each and every day. I see it in the ways they uplift me, whether that be a huge hug, or a little note with words of encouragement, my friends in Chi Omega love and serve well, and it makes me want to love and serve others well, too. Looking back, I can only see the growth that has happened, the laughs that have been shared, and the friendships that have been built, and see that Lord knows and hand picks every new path in our life with purpose. Every moment here has been spent to the fullest and some of my most fond life highlights have happened with my sisters on my side. Chi Omega brings together the most loving and caring people, with hearts to serve, and I hope and pray that anyone that encounters a Chi Omega would experience that themselves.