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Courtney Kiolbassa

Courtney Wetzel

Every girl grows up battling insecurity in some way. We begin to believe the lies this world tells us: we are too much or we are not enough; our dreams are far too large and our hands far too delicate; we are unworthy or unlovable, too weird or too gentle. These voices stick with us as we grow into women. Often, they limit us from being fully alive and totally free. They tell us to conform. To rein in our ambitions. To be ourselves insofar as society gives us a stamp of approval.

How thankful I am to know women who shout victory over these whispered lies. Chi Omega is a place where I am embraced as I am. Despite my quirks—a love for mom blogs, excessive reading, reckless daydreaming about odd future careers—the women in this sorority give me permission to be entirely myself. They are the loud encouragement chorus that drowns the murmur of my faltering confidence. My negative body image, my held-back dreams, my anxieties about ever succeeding in this world: all of these are no match for women who know their worth and tell me mine. I am so grateful to spend college in the presence of sisters who have huge hearts and open arms.