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Cora Fanning

Courtney Wetzel

When I first decided to go through recruitment, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. No one in my immediate family had joined a sorority, so to be completely honest, it was kind of a random decision. Going through recruitment week I remember being incredibly sweaty, exhausted, confused about how recruitment even worked, and overwhelmed with girls yelling chants through door frames and trying to decide just where I wanted to go. Pretty early in the week Chi O was my number one house. It didn’t take very long to picture myself in cardinal and straw on bid day. I think the most remarkable thing about Chi O and the conversations I had in the house during the week was just how different every single girl was that I talked to. I had bubbly rays of sunshine who kept me excited about the week, and then I had chill girls who I could relax with in the never-ending chaos that is recruitment. The common factor surrounding all of these different girls that I was meeting in Chi O was that I admired every single one of them. Every girl was inviting. Every girl was unique. Every girl made me feel loved.

So when I received a bid from Chi Omega, these girls immediately became my friends. These women eventually became my roommates who I watch too much Netflix with while we procrastinate. I travel with these women and explore new places. Chi O gave me an incredible big who I look up to and a hilarious little and grand little pair who I adore. Chi O helped me find my first friends at new school where I knew close to no one. These friends can be described as thoughtful, intelligent, loving, loyal, honest, hilarious, original, and joyful - women I will always look up to and be thankful for knowing. And while Chi O has given me many memories these past three years, I think the most important gift this organization gave me is the confidence and resources to make an impact in our community and to grow as a woman.

As I’m entering my senior year at Texas A&M and reflecting on everything that Chi O has given me, I can only be thankful and humbled by the opportunity I’ve been given. While our chapter has a diverse set of women with many different backgrounds, we all share the common goal of improving ourselves, supporting one another, and loving all. Thank you Chi Omega for the opportunity of a lifetime!