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Claire Bernacki

Courtney Wetzel

I will never forget the day that I stepped into Chi Omega the second day of recruitment. I was welcomed with smiling faces and instantly recognized the genuine, kind, and loving hearts of each of the girls in this chapter. I remember thinking, “I feel like I have known these girls my whole life!” and soon enough, I was having deep conversations with the girls I had just met that day.

For me, I knew Chi O was my home from the beginning. Coming into college, I was terrified. The new-found independence was daunting and I was learning how to navigate college through a very tough time in my life. I wasn’t expecting that being a part of Chi Omega would transform me in the way it did. The first week being a new member, I remember noticing something different about the girls in this chapter. Each girl approached me with a sense of warmth and an instant willingness to drop everything just to support and encourage you—such as Sarah Nelson doing my first laundry load in her house just so it feels a little more like home or Courtney Kiolbassa driving to my Biology class just to bring me hot tea when I was sick. These girls are here for me in my darkest moments to support and encourage me, and there to celebrate me in my brightest moments. At Chi O, I am entirely accepted for who I am.

How did I get so lucky to have been surrounded by girls that are unfailingly honest, loyal, loving, supportive, and hilarious? The biggest gift I’ve been given in Chi Omega is each of these girls. I am incredibly thankful for the support, the constant prayers, and simply a bright light through my day-to-day. Chi Omega is filled with girls who exemplify what it means to live a life for Christ. The sense of comfort and peace in each girl is a true reflection of Christ and is expressed in the way each girl pours out so well and has a true passion for relationships.

Thank you sweet sweet Chi O for creating a home for me in college and wonderful friendships that will last me a lifetime.