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Caitlin Nutt

Courtney Wetzel

After reading countless posts on this blog, I am reminded of the many things that I love about being a TAMU Chi Omega. I’ve read stories about girls finding true friendship, and I am reminded of the many nights spent living in the Chi O house, running around the upstairs hallway in funny nightgowns with my roommate during quiet hours (sry to rooms 2-8). I have read stories about who girls have found trustworthy and truth-telling mentors, and I am remind of my Chi O family who has given me sound advice and an example on how to live above the “college expectation.”

But what I am reminded of most through reading this blog is the diversity that is found in Chi O. Every girl who has written about her Chi Omega experience has different strengths, passions, and dreams. Going through recruitment as a freshman, I thought joining a sorority meant selecting a group of girls who were exactly like me. However after spending two years with these girls, I know that I have not only found girls who are different than me, but better than me. I have gotten to know and learn from girls who challenge me through their intelligence, honesty, and genuine kindness. From coming to college insecure and shy, my friends in Chi O have taught me to believe that it is OKAY!! to let others see the real ‘me.’ These girls push me to be better, while still allowing me to be myself –quirks and all. That is a rare and unique gift.

If I am being completely honest, I don’t think it matters what sorority you join. You can find friends, get involved, and make the most of any house, regardless of if it is your favorite during recruitment or not. However, I also believe that there is something extremely unique about Chi Omega that makes it special. Regardless of my major, who I like to hang out with on the weekends, or what I want to do with my future, I could walk into our house on a Monday night before chapter and sit with any pledge class or group of friends, and feel accepted and welcomed. That is truly rare to find, not just in a sorority but in any organization.

I have learned so much from this organization and could probably talk about it for hours on end. But, in the end, all I need to say is that thankful doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface for how I feel about Chi O, and that no matter who you are, I hope you find the same community and memories that I have found.