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Angela Threadgill

Courtney Wetzel


A little over three years ago I was a girl who had rarely lived in a place for more than three years. I was a girl who was yearning for some consistency. I was a girl looking for a place to call home.

I am now a woman of God, of my family, of Chi O. I am a woman who believes in the power of unconditional kindness and friendship. I am a woman who loves the idea of love and romance and a happily ever after. I am a woman who knows that hard work will take me far beyond what I think my limits are. This is who I am.

I was born in Texas, but I wasn’t raised in Texas. As a daughter of oil parents, I moved from different states to different countries every 2-3 years. When I was applying for college I was thrilled to know that I would finally be staying in one place for at least four years – I would finally be able to call somewhere “home”. This idea of having a home was a beautiful one. I would daydream of lifelong friendships, of familiarity with a city and with a school, of people I could count on. How lucky I am that these daydreams came true.

What a special home Chi O has been. It has been a place of unconditional support, of sweet friendships, and of life lessons. It has been a place where everything beautiful in the world came together and manifested itself in the distinct women who make it the safe and welcoming place that it is. How special it is to have a whole chapter of women who will celebrate you, even if they do not know you personally.

My time in Chi O has been marked by each interaction I’ve had with my sweet sisters. I will never forget how I felt when they told me they wanted to get to know me or when they reached out to truly ask how I was doing. These girls made me feel so deeply loved and cherished. And most of all, they made me feel known. How unworthy I am of such kind-hearted friends! I hope to be as genuine as them one day.

May Chi O continue to be a home. May it continue to be a place of comfort, love, kindness, and most of all… fun! Chi O will always be in my heart.