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Morgan Marcantel

Courtney Wetzel


Coming to Texas A&M as a sophomore, was not something I had planned for, let alone joining a sorority. But these two decisions ultimately changed the course of my life in such a positive way and I am so grateful. Being an Aggie is an honor in itself, but being a Chi Omega at Texas A&M is an even bigger reward. The girls I met during recruitment are the same girls even after I joined; genuine, compassionate, unique and energetic. These girls have become people in life that as of right now, I could not dream of living without. Chi O has given me my roommates, my bible study buddies, the people I go to late night movies with and study until the crack of dawn with.

Throughout my college career I have had my ups and downs, just like most students do. Struggling with the balance of sleep, working, friendship and the amount of school that’s on our plates. There was never anything too big in my life that I thought for a moment, they won’t care. Everyone always did and I always felt as though I had people in my corner. These girls are uplifting and support me in everything I strive to do. Knowing that I can call up any girl in my sorority, senior or freshman and they will know me and listen to me is extremely comforting and encouraging.

Being a Chi O at Texas A&M holds me to a higher standard; a standard that I want to uphold. They keep me honest, humble, respectful, and inclusive. I love being in a sorority that doesn’t bash religion, but actually implements it in a welcoming way. Finding time to be with God when you have such a busy schedule is difficult, but Chi O reminds me how I got here and why I am here. I am blessed that God placed me in a home with women who embody good values and selflessness. Throughout the rest of my life, I will strive to honor myself, Texas A&M and Chi O in everything I do. Xi Kappa Whoop!