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Sarah Bohac

Courtney Wetzel

College is nothing like I could have ever expected. Growing up in Aggie overalls and maroon bows larger than the amount of hair on my head, listening to my parent’s talk about how much they loved their time at Texas A&M, and eventually watching my older brother take on his first two years as an official Aggie, I thought I was thoroughly prepared for the road before me.

No matter how prepared I thought I was though, life happened between high school graduation and freshman move in day. Not only did I carry boxes of clothes and carefully curated decorations into my dorm, I also carried the weight of true loss. So naturally, freshman year was difficult. In the most Sarah way possible, I became completely focused on school because it was controllable and comfortable in my season of unfamiliarity. Yet, through it all God was ever so faithful to me.

When I told my parents I was planning on going through recruitment the fall of my sophomore year I couldn’t really explain why. All I knew was that I had this internal desire to make Texas A&M feel like the home I always expected it to be. Looking back I think God had been sending me subtle hints all year long that this was what He had planned for me. Feeling challenged, hopeful, and fully supported I went for it, and although the reality of recruitment was outrageous (ie. sitting in the hot Texas sun and sweating buckets while simultaneously feeling like you have to look your best), I left the Chi Omega house every day feeling encouraged and excited for the potential friendships and experiences that lie ahead.

On bid day I was beyond excited to find myself back at the Chi Omega house, but once again it was nothing like I expected. This time it was better. A little over a year into my life as a Chi Omega and I am still so in awe of the ways God has used this to help me grow and be made new. Through Chi Omega I have been challenged to step outside of my comfort zone by dancing on stage to open Songfest, taking up leadership positions in chapter Bible studies, loving others more deeply than ever before, and being completely true to myself. Thanks to Chi Omega I have also been surrounded by women who seek to love and who are unapologetically themselves, making embracing discomfort easier than I could’ve ever imagined. These girls that were in my bid day group, that rode in the car with me through terrifying drive through safari experiences, that danced with me through my entire first date party, that partnered up with me at Songfest practices, that spent Spring Break in Florida with me, and that happened to be in my Bible study became some of my closest friends and my support system. Soon enough standing outside the Chi Omega house in jerseys on bid day turned to sushi dates after chapter, and nightgowns and Tiff’s Treats on big little reveal turned to surviving organic chemistry (and hopefully biochemistry) together. With these girls by my side Texas A&M is everything I wanted it to be and more. Yes, college can still be difficult and life happens, but the girls of Chi Omega have taught me to be discouraged never and I cannot thank God enough for them.