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Madeleine Wilson

Courtney Wetzel


Passion is a funny little son of a gun. It’s a multi-faceted whirring machine whose wheels never cease their turning. The gears of this machine twist and turn within each and every one of us. The machine of passion provokes a different response in each individual depending on the direction it turns at the time. The commodity at the end of the production line can be any number of things. Passion can produce art; whether it be a melody or a sculpture. Passion can produce any kind of emotion; in fact, passion itself encompasses a whole slew of emotions. Out of this passion can come anger, overwhelming sadness, ineffable bliss, goofiness, you name it. Passion can produce new relationships, rekindle long-forgotten ones, cause heartbreak, or be the spark that sets ablaze the fire between two soulmates. The universal machine of passion can produce any one of these things. Like I said, passion is funny. But what I really mean by funny, is that passion is complicated. You might be reading this and asking yourself why I’m sitting here talking about this inanimate concept called passion. And your question is a valid one, I want to affirm you in that. To put it simply, I think I’m just really passionate about passion. I know it sounds complicated, but I’ll break it down for you.

In my journal from the end of last semester I have a quote that’s more starred, underlined, bolded, etc than all the others. It simply says, “don’t let the ambition to be everything in life restrain you from being anything in life”. Okay, yeah. You might have a resounding “duh” bouncing off the inside of your skull right now as you read that line. But for me that quote strikes a chord deep down in my soul. I’m a person who becomes easily overwhelmed when my purpose in life isn’t resolute. I find myself sifting through all the thousands of ideas and thoughts spiraling in my brain of what I “could do”. Yet the irony is that as I sit around and think about the “what if’s”, a thousand “could have been’s” whiz passed me.

So, how’d I get out of my funk of always planning and never doing? I can tell you it was not easy. It required me to get out of my own head and look around at the people surrounding me. The women that were so resolute in their purpose and passions in life that they beamed from within. I’m talking about the women of Chi Omega. These women whom I have the absolute honor and privilege to sojourn through life with. I cannot express the blessing that they have been in my life; it is the best kind of overwhelming. These are women who know exactly who they are and what they love. And they not only know what they love, they fiercely chase after their passions. If I hadn’t been surrounded by these purpose-driven and passionate women, I don’t know that I would have realized the quality of life I was missing out on. The women in Chi Omega push me to be the best version of myself. They are a rare kind of beautiful human who gets to know you so well that even when you can’t see what you need in life, they see it for you and encourage you to be better. So that’s why I’m passionate about passion.