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Trish D'Arezzo

Courtney Wetzel

Texas A&M University is 1000 miles away from my home. I never thought I would be that person that would go to college far away. I am so close to my family, and going to a school so far away from home seemed terrifying. But, the summer after my senior year of high school, my parents moved from Houston, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee – and all of a sudden I was the girl who went to college far from home.

My whole life, my family moved every two years like clockwork – so moving was something I was used to – but this was the first time my family had moved without me. Starting freshman year, I honestly went through recruitment because my sister went through recruitment. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, what I had even signed up for or what it even looked like to be in a sorority. All I knew is that I wanted to make friends, and a sorority seemed like a great place to start. Little did I know, Chi O gave me so much more than friends, Chi O gave me a family.

I FIRMLY believe God placed me in Chi Omega four years ago. God knew that Chi Omega was going to form into my home away from home and create a firm foundation of girls that I could turn to for anything. The girls within Chi O became my role models, my friends, my work colleagues and so much more.

The past four years have taught me that college is a great season of life but it’s also a really challenging one – and one that can easily leave you feeling lonely in the midst of chaos. Whatever challenging part of college I was experiencing, I was always surrounded by friends wiping my tears, listening to me vent about that one professor, analyzing that one text from that one cute boy and studying until the early hours in the morning.   

The diversity in Chi Omega is something that has always been celebrated and one of my favorite things about this chapter. The Lord placed every specific girl into this chapter here at Texas A&M. We all have different talents and gifts – and it is something that I believe makes this chapter unique and wonderful.

This past recruitment, I was given the privilege to be a recruitment counselor. Throughout my time as a Rho Gam, I was able to explain to soooo many girls going through recruitment – that recruitment isn’t an easy process – but at the end of it - you find your home. This is something I was able to say with such confidence – because this has happened to me. Chi O has absolutely changed me for the better. I have been able to do life with the most amazing 300+ girls who laugh with me when I’m delusional, cry with me when I’m going through a breakup, encourage me when I’m feeling defeated and celebrate me through my victories.

With my graduation approaching in less than a month, I am able to tangibly see that Chi Omega has molded me into the person that I want to be for the rest of my life. I have gained skills to be successful in the “real world” and gained a support system for a lifetime. Chi O is like family in one simple way: these girls have your back – and I have seen fruitless examples of this through out my time in Chi Omega.  This is not just another sorority – it’s a support system.

It’s my home away from home.