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Sydney Stevens

Courtney Wetzel

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Being in Chi Omega has given me a college experience that I will remember for a lifetime. Before rushing, I was hesitant to join any sororities because I wasn’t sure I would fit the mold of your typical “sorority girl”. I came to college shy, anxious, and very awkward (still am lol). Thankfully, I have found my home in Chi Omega.

When I first joined Chi O, I felt super out of place. Everyone around me seemed to love and understand this all-powerful man in the sky that I wasn’t that close to. Although I had grown up in a Catholic family, we stopped going to church regularly when I was in middle school so I didn’t come to college being super religious. I started to feel like I didn’t belong and that maybe I shouldn’t have joined a sorority where everyone else is much more confident in their spirituality than I am. However, as I got to know more people in Chi O and spend more time in college, I began to know and grow close to people that were on various places of the spirituality spectrum. No one hated me or made me feel judged for not being super religious and I did the same for them; I was able to grow closer to God at my own pace and on my own terms.

Through Chi O, I have met some of the best girls who have pushed me to be a better version of myself. What I love most about Chi O is that I have never felt like I’ve needed to change who I am – my closest friends accept me for the awkward, sarcastic, and goofy human I am (with that being said, they also call me out on my crap and when I’m being stupid). They have shown me what it’s like to truly be there for someone during the good and the bad – when you get into that organization you’ve been wanting for so long or when a guy dumps you out of nowhere, we’re always there for each other. They root for me and I root for them; we are ~sistas~. I feel blessed to be surrounded by a group of girls that help me grow in my faith, in my relationships, and in my experiences.  

Overall, Chi O has been one of the best parts of college for me. I have met such a wide range of personalities and girls from different walks of life that have humbled me and broadened my perspective on life. I will forever be thankful that I stayed in this sorority with the girls I love so much.