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Caleigh Young

Courtney Wetzel

We are granted life to extend it to others.

What a noble calling, to enrich the lives of those around us through authenticity and sacrifice.  Never have I witnessed a gathering of women so committed to improving the lives of others. Here in Xi Kappa, we are a team. We are a team that celebrates the beautiful individuality in each of us and remains unbroken through the trials that threaten to throw life off course. Women here are confidently themselves yet committed to loving one another, quick to reach out and surround.

I am a firm believer that God often elects to do some of His most tangible work in our lives through the hands of others, and these friends only reaffirm that faith. Over the duration of the past year and a half, I have been amazed at how instrumental they have been in my story.

When my achievement-hungry heart forgets that I do not need to prove my worth, they remind me of a grace that is active and unabated. When my understanding falls short, they humbly offer wisdom. When I cannot see the Lord working, they challenge me to trust, to wait. When I let fear of failure stifle my effort, they fight the lie I believe. When my day disheartens or exhausts me, they provide enough joy and hilarity to last a week. And when I speak of the whispers of clarity and passion that rumble in my heart, they inspire my hands to give and my feet to go.

So, to the women of Chi O, thank you. You truly have enriched my life.

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