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Abbey Hale

Courtney Wetzel

If I am being completely honest, which I usually am, this blog post has not come easily. It’s a hard thing to explain what I feel after 3+ years in an organization in just a couple paragraphs. Working chronologically makes sense, so I will start with rush.  Rush was really not my thing; I wouldn’t classify myself as “smiley” or “giggly” or any of the other cute n fun adjectives that might have fit some of the hundreds of girls walking the row with me. I am way more of a cut the small talk kind of gal, so rush was not a natural process for me in the least. There were girls that somehow never seemed to stop smiling, girls that somehow never seemed to sweat (even though it was 100+ degrees outside??) and there were entire houses bouncing and clapping at me. It was truly a one of a kind experience. I was legitimately worried that sororities were going to be like Legally Blonde, which I knew I personally could not handle.

Maybe it is because we are technically a ~fraternity~, but 3+ years later I can confidently say that Chi O is nothing like the movies, it is infinitely better. I have gotten to meet over 200 of the most ridiculous, energetic, chillest, smartest, athletic, people I have ever met and it has been so freakin cool. It is very possible I could be the least spontaneous person in the chapter because my personality is so A-type, but I am absolutely more spontaneous, more outgoing, more hyped up, and all around more excited when I’m hanging out with the friends I have made in Chi O. You might even see glimpses of me that one could describe as “smiley” or “giggly”. I met my roomies because we lived across the hall from each other in the house sophomore year, I have a group of girls that will win intramurals with me every fall, I have a group of nerd friends that never fail to have just as much annoying homework as I do, and a pledge class (obviously the best one) that has never failed to support me in any situation I might be facing. I am continuously pushed to improve in every category possible because of the girls in Chi O.

All of the girls that I have gotten to meet through Chi O joined for their own reasons, but I guarantee that the majority of them chose because they knew that it was the house that would help shape them into the person they wanted to be 4 years down the road. None of us are remotely the same but we all managed to make the exact same decision. I think that says something pretty big.

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