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Allison Riffe

Courtney Wetzel

We always say that you only choose once. It’s a slogan that Chi Omegas recognize nationally. It seems to sum up the recruitment process in a catchy phrase.

As I’ve had the privilege of being a Chi Omega at Texas A&M, I’ve been inspired by the culture of this sorority. The girls around me choose to serve each other. I’ve seen it consistently, across the board. It’s an overwhelming desire to make each other feel important. It’s not always the easiest choice.

Emily chose to carry my heavy luggage for 10 minutes to the parking lot in the middle of the summer. Brooke chose to make me dinner when freshman year was overwhelming. Ellie and Olivia chose to plan a trip for everyone in our pledge class who wanted to come. The 6 other girls in my Chi O family have chosen to get up at 7 am on Friday mornings so that we can have breakfast. Girls have chosen to drive me to interviews, to bring me food when I was sick, and to boldly say what I needed to hear when I didn’t want to listen.

The reality of Chi O is that we celebrate each other. We cheer each other on through successes; you can hear that at every meeting. You walk into the house, and you feel like you’re on a team of people who sincerely want the best for you. I’ve also seen girls rally around each other through times of loss and heartbreak. That’s when this culture matters most.

Authenticity makes room for unity among our pledge classes and among our chapter. Women in our chapter will tell you over and over again how thankful they are for the unity within their pledge class. It pushes us to walk with character, grace, and humility.

Chi O itself is not the thing that is transforming us. Rather, we are transformed by the women around us. They are choosing to serve and to give and to celebrate each other. It’s an overflow of their hearts that are being transformed by the power of community and a parade of other Chi O’s who have been served in the same way.  

It’s fun here. We love each other and laugh a lot. That comes pretty naturally. Women choose to serve each other. Yes, you only choose Chi O once. But then I’ve seen a thousand other little choices to serve each other quietly and faithfully. I can picture them in my mind, a million ways of saying, “I’m on your team.”

Empowered women empower women. To see that in action is really powerful.