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Kate Rimer

Courtney Wetzel

Three years ago, I had no clue what house I’d be in, what amazing friends, and great memories I would make from simply joining a sorority. I never thought I was a “sorority girl type”, but oh how I was wrong. I am a sorority woman.  I am a Chi Omega. Saying that simple sentence I am honored to get to associate myself with some of the strongest, studious, most faithful, goofy, adventurous, kind hearted and fun women I have ever met. So, here’s a letter to the incoming pnm’s, younger pledge classes, my girls, and the women who came before me in which I learned so much and admire.

To the girl’s going through recruitment (pnm):

Breathe. God already knows in which house you will be, and I promise it will all work out. The system does work , if you are yourself, seek out your interest, your likes and dislikes and find the house where the girls could be your best friends. In other words, go to the house where while entering the doors on pref night, you sweat off your sticky boobs and they fall at the doorstep of the house, you could pick it up, laugh, smile, and know you would still be accepted. They would laugh with you and show you a bush to go behind and put them back on. I talk from experience, because this was the moment I knew the ChiO house was not just another house I was walking into, it was going to be my home. So, be yourself cause YOU are amazing, have FUN, enjoy it, trust God, laugh a lot… and again breathe.

To the younger girls in ChiO:

Don’t blink. It goes by faster than you can imagine. When debating froyo with your sorority sisters or working out cause you want that perfect spring break bod or doing homework cause you have to get ahead… pick froyo you’ll remember it later. When debating on sending a message in the dreaded groupmes, go for it! You never know who will respond, might just be the most unlikely person you expected and they might just end up being your best friend. Invest in people and relationships, they are worth soooo much more than a night with Netflix. And lastly again, I say don’t blink it flies by way too fast.

To my pledge class(my girls):

Thank you for making me love ChiO. You girls have made college. We are a diverse group, but unified at the same time. When I think of our pledge class I think how  each and everyone of you are amazing. I see each of your unique and special gifts. There are so many of you I wish I had reached out to more, or tried to get closer to earlier on. Just know, I cant wait to see what God has in store for each of us.  Lastly, thank you for always being there. There are specific times in college, I have been brought to tears by the love you ladies have shown me or another sister who was hurting or just needed a friend.  Love yall<3

To the women who have graduated in the past few years:

Thanks for being wonderful role models. I remember seeing some of you specifically while I was going through recruitment and thinking, “Wow, I want to be like her.” Thank you for also being vulnerable and telling us it’s okay to not have it all together.  You led our bible studies, encouraged us when you knew we were nervous about the future, poured your wisdom into us and held us to a higher standard. You didn’t have to love and care in this way, but you did. I hope our pledge class has invested in our younger girls like you did with us. You are our Bigs and Grandbigs and you’ve helped to mold us in to the ChiO women we are today. Thank you.

In starting my senior year I have thought back on the many sisters that I can’t imagine doing college without. Here’s to one last year, more unforgettable amazing adventures, memories to cherish, and laughs to last a lifetime.  Much love sistas!