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Caylin Godfrey

Courtney Wetzel

It feels a little weird to even be typing this out, because that means that 4 whole years have gone by. When I think about it, that is actually a substantial amount of time, and I know that SO much has changed since I ate Fuego 3 times a week with potluck roommates at Callaway my freshman year. I’ve managed to come up with 4 big reasons (although there are many more!) for why I am thankful for my time as a Chi Omega.

1.    Freshman Year: Thankful to have a place to belong.

This year was an insane transition from the craziness of high school, and when I went through recruitment, I totally did not have an “open mind” and only wanted to go Chi O (sorry, Rho Gammas!). But really, this place was such an amazing starting point to find friends and community, and I am so grateful that I was able to start college off with a group of girls that I could easily relate to. Even though I was scrambling to make friends and everyone had the same urgency about them, I had a feeling that by the end of college I would find my place in Chi O.

2.     Sophomore Year: Thankful for the diversity.

Sophomore Year was much less frantic than the first, but still had many challenges. Living in the Chi O house brought with it the hardships of comparison and zero privacy, but with it came such energy, laughter, and diversity. I remember at the end of the year realizing that I had new respect and admiration for people who were drastically different from me. Different sleep schedules, social butterflies, girls who could study for hours on end… there were so many little quirks and an array of personalities that gave me an appreciation for people who were not just like me. (Shout out to Alexis – aka Bae Twin- who made diversity a hard concept to grasp because #twinlife).

3.     Junior Year: Thankful to find a balance.

This year might’ve been the sweetest. Going from 40 girls in a house to 6 was a huge blessing and really gave me the space to strike a balance in many areas of my life. The balances of work and play, eating healthy and still splurging, not being a crazy workout queen, and making time for Jesus on my own accord. Chi O gave me the resources to find a healthy and happy way to live that wasn’t shaped only by the people around me. I’m still trying to strike the right balances in my life, but I owe Chi Omega much of the credit for giving me a community of women that is willing to share their experience, wisdom, and encouragement.

4.     Senior Year: Thankful for the deep and lasting friendships.

I actually cringed typing “Senior Year”.  But at the same time, WOW I MADE IT!! (Not gonna miss you, Mays Business School). This year has given me the chance to reflect on the deepest friendships that I get to take into the real world. I feel like Chi O gave me these girls as gifts, like somehow I was lucky enough to come out of college with people I trust and love so dearly. My freshman year self would never have believed it, so I am truly overwhelmed with thankfulness. The moral of the story is this: It is 100% OKAY to pay for your friends. Mine were worth every penny. 

Thank you Chi Omega for an amazing 4 years! It has been such a joy and more than I could have asked for.


XOXO, Caylin