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Brooke Gajdica

Courtney Wetzel


Dear Chi O,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet some of the most admirable, genuine, successful, and life-giving friends. You have put in my path people that I will call friends forever, mentors that have spoken such wisdom into me, and younger girls that I have had the opportunity to pour out what I have learned these past four years. You have motivated me into greater successes by way of the ambitious women around me, and fostered a home where I can speak my insecurities and fears. 

The girls in this sorority have grown me up into who I am today through their example, encouragement, and most importantly, their friendship. They have embodied such dedication and genuine kindness to those around them. My mantra for finding friends has always been to find people that have better character qualities than I do, and that was the easiest thing to find in Chi O.

Megan is loyal and will rally around you in every season.

Lori is merciful and chooses to only see the good in people.

Leah is authentic and never lets the world define who she is.

Katelyn is humble and strives for excellence in everything.

Carly is kind and one of the most mature women I know.

Jessy is encouraging and celebrates others consistently.

These girls, along with so many others (sorry I couldn’t write a novel), have demonstrated the very qualities I desire to grow in the most. I am coming out of college a better women because of the friends they have been to me. This week, I’m thanking God for ordaining these friendships for me, my parents for providing this opportunity to me, my friends for loving me through every high and low, and Chi O for embodying loyalty, mercy, authenticity, humility, kindness, and encouragement.