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Lori Schaefer

Courtney Wetzel

Chi Omega, oh what a joy it is to get to reflect

On the gifts you brought me that I did not expect.

So many memories the Lord was gracious to provide;

Chi O was where His glory was steadily testified.


Chi O, you chose me that year in 2013

You were the house that spoke life into me!

Through my brother’s wife & friends, I knew your reputation;

You’d give me community & supportive foundation.


Your seemingly weird oaths we’d memorize by force,

Would become a treasured anthem for our new course.

Upper classmen taught us to be true and loyal,

Their guidance was stellar during the freshman life toils.


I love thinking back on the friendships you formed

Through loads of laundry and hiking to and from the dorms.

Growing from our mistakes together each and every day,

We sisters learned the effects of living off of Chick-fil-a.


You opened the doors for us to dwell in your quarters.

With forty silly sisters that are my biggest supporters.

From dinners, to tanning, to watching the Bachelor,

Unity was created through convo’s and laughter.


When time came to serve you, with each of our talents

My pledge class would lead you to maintain balance.

The reigns were handed over, where would we bring you?

1st in grades, highest honors, and titles you’ve clinged to!


In Songfest we served a cause greater than we,

You’ve taught me well that “it’s not about me”.

Late night practices and muscles that are sore,

The acts gave their all to tear up the dance floor!


Through you, Chi O, I had found “my people”

 And I began to picture by me one day at the steeple.

They call me out when my heart is hardened!

Watching them do life has made me feel sharpened.


So much to celebrate for my sweet sisters

Who’ve gleefully chosen to commit to their misters.

In a circle of two hundred we gather and sing

To watch the glorious passing of the bling bling.


When trials, tragedies, and tribulations abound

Chi Omega presses in and wraps around.

There’ll be many memories and many letters

Where sisters share truths that the spirit led her.


We express thanks to you during our last semester

With futures unknown, come whatever!

We trust fully when agonizing questions rise

That it is in Jesus all of our hope abides.


For it was in Chi Omega, we were introduced

& in knowing Christ our love for another was produced.

Chi O, now departing, come bid sweet adieu

Chi O, ever after, we’ll remember you!