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Amanda Swanton

Courtney Wetzel

Coming from a high school with 48 people in my graduating class, you could say that I was used to a tight-knit community. Everybody knew each other’s names, parents, and 3rd grade crushes. It was easy, and so very comfortable. 

Then comes college - not to mention a gigantic university like Texas A&M. I think the close proximity to home, a killer roommate (s/o Alexis Pope), and a few friends from my hometown got me through freshman year. As my second semester of college came to a close, I knew that I wanted to make deeper connections with people I didn’t know so that I could leap outside of my comfort zone and let the Lord mold me through that process. 

I sometimes wonder why the Lord nudged me to wait to rush until my sophomore year. At the core, I believe that day by day, He was growing my confidence and instilling in me valuable truths so that I would be able to better discern which house was best for me. As I went through recruitment, my goal was to avoid focusing on everybody else rushing with me and whether they had more expensive clothes or better breath (lol to mints & fans). Instead, I tried to see which house best aligned with my vision of sisterhood, and Chi Omega was it - every time. I remember one particular conversation I had with Catherine Jordan; we fellowshipped over our shared insecurities and cried together. I will never forget the feeling I had coming out of the house that day - connection, vulnerability, endearment - sisterhood. 

Fast-forward almost two years later and I am blessed to experience those same emotions on a daily basis. I have the pleasure of living with my sisters and I have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever cried, laughed, or loved harder. Chi Omega is truly a unique place; each of my friendships is so different from the next, yet I find something special about each one. I will forever be grateful for this sweet place to call home!