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Sarah Williams

Courtney Wetzel

I am so thankful for Chi Omega. I could go on and on about how much Chi O means to me, but I want to keep it simple. Chi Omega at Texas A&M is so special because of the girls that fill the chapter room each and every Monday night. Coming into college I knew I wanted to find “my people” who would love and accept me just as I am, and Chi O has been just the place for that. I have learned that every single girl in this chapter has something beautiful to bring to the table no matter where they are from, what they are involved in, or who their best friends are. If you read through each of these blog posts you can see that each of our Chi O stories are uniquely shaped by the people that surround us, and mine is no different.

I cannot imagine trying to explain what Chi O means to me without talking about the people who have made this experience so beautiful, special, and unique. So, thank you to my roommates who point me to truth and remind me to never take myself too seriously, my big who has showed my consistency and love unlike anyone else, the friends who know how to celebrate me best, and to every single girl in this chapter who has been a part of the most refining and cultivating years of my life.  

Thank you Chi O for providing me with the best gals in the world who remind me of the Lord’s faithfulness and goodness, who would never let me dance alone like a fool, and who will one day stand by my side at my wedding. You girls are the REAL DEAL!!!!