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Michaela Stolle

Courtney Wetzel

To be completely honest, I could talk about the beauty and captivating excellence of Chi Omega for days, but I want to share something that has impacted me—and will continue to motivate me for the rest of my life. See, there is something happening in Chi Omega that is not normal.  I have gotten to experience a sip of this beauty, and it can be summed up in one simple word—character.

Coming from a high school in Virginia, walking into Chi O with little no understanding of what to expect, every part of this past year has blown me away.  I was welcomed in like I never knew was possible. I was loved when I didn’t feel deserving. Within the first two weeks of college, older girls rallied behind me like I was the best thing that happened to Texas A&M University. I have never felt so celebrated in my entire life.

However, the most captivating part of this certain type of character that I am talking about, is that this character breeds honesty, faithfulness, and joy in others. The women of Chi Omega decide to live their lives to the fullest, and bring everyone they know with them on that journey--joyfully. I could talk for hours about the countless conversations I have had with these sweet sisters that I have ended with the words “Hey, I am team Michaela” or “Michaela, I am in this with you”, when I was quite frankly drastically drowning in freshmen year.  These women know how to laugh, put on a CRAZY good dance party, cry with one another, and most importantly push every single person around them to their potential.

Having the absolute privilege of being in this community has brought me to my knees in awe of Gods grace on my life. This firm foundation of character is truly what this world needs—and I am confident that each and every girl in this chapter is going to change the world through this character in one way or another. These girls are on fire, let me tell ya. Read any of the blog posts on this website if you have any doubts at all, I PROMISE your expectations will be far exceeded.

As this season of my life is coming to a close, I just want to say thank you. Chi Omega, thank you for standing for the generosity of grace. Thank you for welcoming people into the captivating excellence. Thank you for creating a platform for girls to stand, kneel, sit, and dance on. Thank you for pushing this random girl from Virginia to be the women she never thought she could be. Thank you for truth that is not kept silent, and joy that is tangible. Truly, thank you.

The next season in my life is one where I am called to love teenage girls in Bryan, TX. I am more than excited to love these girls with everything in me, and tell them the story of a man named Jesus that flipped my life upside down. However, it is by the pure grace of God, through ChiO, that has prepared me to love these girls in Bryan. In the Michaela Stolle story, she needed a strong and sturdy home freshmen year in order to be in this place of leading teenage girls. ChiO has been a home, a resting place, and an incredible source of growth that is propelling me into all that God has for me.  As I am making this transition into serving Bryan High, my sisters in ChiO have rallied behind me with flying colors and ear to ear smiles. This kind of response is character—and joy lived out loud. This why Chi Omega is not normal, this is why this character speaks so loudly, and this is why I am forever grateful.