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Kate Gavigan

Courtney Wetzel

It is extremely surreal that I am closer to the end of my college journey than I am to the beginning. It seems that just yesterday I was running into the arms of my sister (actually by blood☺) on Bid Day and smiling from ear to ear as she welcomed me home. The experiences I have had in Chi Omega will truly impact the rest of my life. The women in this organization are my friends, roommates, shoulders to cry on, motivators, adventure buddies, encouragers, and most importantly my family while here in college. There is something impactful about surrounding yourself with people who are striving to become the best person they can be. Every day I witness one of my sisters pushing herself to achieve her goals and make a difference. These women have pushed me to believe that I can reach for things I may have not thought possible.

One thing that I find tremendously valuable is the senior words of wisdom we get the opportunity to hear every week at meeting. We get to hear different perspectives from our seniors who are able to give insight into what was successful and ineffective throughout their college experience. From them I learned that failure and uncertainty is okay, to invest in relationships around you, taking time to understand yourself is vital, and ultimately never taking the opportunities we are given for granted. I am constantly being humbled and reminded that every day that I get to attend college and live in this nurturing environment is a gift. After leaving meetings on Monday, I am always reflecting on the qualities in my sisters that I strive to mirror. I strive to be like them in the way they love those around them, and are openly willing to take time out of their days for others.  

I love when I get to share with those who may not know what life in a sorority is truly like. It is putting our blood, sweat, and tears into raising money for the philanthropies we love dearly. It is preparing women to enter the professional world ready to conquer it. It is learning how to take on responsibilities gracefully. It is sitting down with your sisters after a rough test week and just enjoying the fact that they understand exactly what you are going through. It is having a network of people that I know I could call upon at any time and they would be there for me. It is having people to have a dance party with to motivate you to go spend time studying at the library. It is having an immediate connection to thousands of women. It’s the place where I have created the memories I will hold on to for the rest of my life. When college ends, the people I love and the lessons I have learned through Chi Omega will always be a part of my life.