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Caroline Cash

Courtney Wetzel

Freshman year of college I pledged Chi Omega at LSU after what seemed to be the longest week of my life.  On Bid Day, I distinctly remember jumping into this random girl’s arms and saying, “WE ARE SISTERS!!!!” only to see that she was most definitely not wearing any CHIO gear. Good start to sisterhood, am I right? But, in two years, I made some of my best friends, made some of the sweetest memories, wept many times in the arms of my big, wore too many Napoleon Dynamite costumes to date parties, and still so often questioned why I was in Chi Omega. 

Fast forward and now I am in my junior year at Texas A&M, basically starting over. I mean seriously, who transfers schools half way through their junior year? I walked into my first chapter meeting with my precious roommates I had known for a grand total of one week and was honestly overwhelmed. I looked around and saw upwards of 20 girls that I knew; like really knew. Girls that have played significant roles in my life, whether it be as a 4th grader in my church’s youth group, or my high school best friends, girls that have walked through really long summers with me, and my new friends who have watched and listened to the struggle bus of my life as I transition into A&M.  But one thing was clear to me, the Lord is faithful and He does nothing in vain. 

Chi Omega has reminded me that my God is faithful. That even when it seems crazy to be obedient to His plan, He will follow through and provide. I know that it is by no mistake that I pledged Chi Omega at LSU. It is by no mistake that I grew and learned and saw the Lord provide lifelong friendships. It is by no mistake that in transferring to A&M, I would affiliate into the Xi Kappa chapter. 

So thank you sweet girlies for becoming dear, dear friends in such a short amount of time. Thank you to the ladies of Chi Omega who weekly push me towards Jesus as I listen to how you have been impacted by this chapter. Thank you for reminding me of the Lord’s faithfulness every single time I see one of you on campus wearing your letters, even if I don’t know your name. You are each precious to me because you consistently remind me to thank my Savior, the one who has brought me here. I cannot wait for more time together and I am stinkin’ giddy that I get to call you my sisters. YAY!!!! *cue epic dance party because Chi Omega is just the greatest*