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Anna Vickers

Courtney Wetzel

 Recently, I’ve been finding myself thinking on the past four years as I am a month away from finishing up my last college classes ever. My favorite part of my day is sitting in a living room with my best friends, my sisters, my Chi Omega girly pops(J). We talk about all the memories we have had since we pledged together. We talk about the silly arguments that we can now laugh about and the hilarious stories of all our adventures. As seniors, we also talk about our futures. Our future jobs and locations, our future husbands, our future kids, the names our future kids will call each of us because we are more than just roommates and friends – but because we are family. This little ‘get together’ in our living room happens daily. All of these memories, the contagious laughter, the happy tears, the bond of a friend, are all because of Chi Omega.

 Recruitment was one of my favorite memories my freshman year – many people do not EVER catch themselves saying those words. I am so thankful for the love that Chi Omega showed me, something that they continued to do these past 4 years.  Chi Omega has become something I find so much pride in. I look at our chapter and cannot believe that I am even associated with these stellar women who are adorned with beautiful character, hearts, and love for their friends. My favorite times in college have stemmed from the late nights at Songfest, Spring Break trips, the long days of recruitment, the many dinners with my Chi Omega sisters, the birthdays, the celebrations, the days we have held our friends as they needed to cry or vent, studying at the Chi O house, the ups and downs of life, all with each other. When I served as Recruitment Chair I saw the variety of girls that we have in Chi Omega. It amazes me that I could count on literally any single girl in our chapter to be a friend to me, or anyone else who needed one. These girls are life enhancing, world changing, God loving, continuously encouraging, arms-open-always women, who live to be more every day.

 Thank you, Chi Omega, for bringing me the upmost joy. Thank you for the friendships that I know will last for a lifetime. The friendships I have are unreal. I never knew the closeness I could have with a friend, like an actual sister. I have that only because of this sorority. Chi Omega has allowed me to learn abundant lessons, grow as a friend and sister, and trust that the Lord will always provide, before you understand how he will. The college dance parties, late nights, laughter, tears, hugs, celebrations, growth, friendships, sisterhood, and love will be missed, but it will also continue as I will be friends with these girls, whom I call sisters, forever.