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Jennifer Taylor

Courtney Wetzel

“As easy as it is to bond over a mutual dislike of something else, it's significantly harder, but entirely more worthwhile, to be united and stand with your own group.” My grand-big in ChiO told the chapter that one Monday night two years ago. She made the comparison of the longtime rivalry between Texas A&M and the University of Texas that lasted from 1915 to 2011. For 96 years, Texas A&M has stood for countless traditions, including its biggest tradition, a Thanksgiving Day rivalry football game.

In 2012 when Texas A&M joined the SEC, Aggies everywhere had to take a bit of an identity check. Our most prized slogan could no longer be “saw ‘em off.” If we didn’t play in the same conference as UT, the slogan that we identified with really didn’t mean much for A&M anymore.  Aggies had to make the choice to stand for Texas A&M and not simply against UT.

The women in ChiO have taught me a similar lesson time and time again. The girls in ChiO have shown me what real-life, deeply rooted, unbreakable friends looks like.  ChiOs have taught me what it looks like to stand firm in what you believe in, to be united for the cause that’s worth fighting for, to give yourself to something bigger, to make sacrifices for each other, and to take more pride in standing with each other than standing against something else.  

These women have come alongside me to encourage and support me, not neglecting when time gets hard.  ChiOs have stood up for me and taught me what community looks like. Their words build up and their friendship is solid. ChiO has been more than a sorority for me over the past 4 years; it's been a refining and cultivating stage of life that’s made me a better woman for going through it.  

ChiO isn’t made of women who fade and change with the turning of the wind, but the women here are steadfast and dependable. We’ve learned what it looks like to love one another and support each other regardless of what life throws at us. I know that when I graduate in a couple months, the friendships I’ve made won’t crumble down, but they will continue to grow, develop, and keep my feet secure.