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Chloe Kembel

Courtney Wetzel

“These are the girls you will meet and become friends with for life.” Setting the bar pretty high, don’t you think? This is what I heard the moment I decided to go through recruitment. We’ve all heard the hallmark card worthy platitudes, “ These are your sisters for life!” “Look around at your future bridesmaids!” or “Your kids are going to be best friends.” To be quite honest, I had my reservations about Greek Life, until I my idea I had of what sorority girls were like turned into flesh and blood- real girls, with real lives, real hearts, and real minds. It didn’t take long for any preconceived stereotypical mold I may have had to be shattered into pieces during my week of recruitment at Texas A&M, especially when I was inside the Chi Omega house.

It really was so simple for me that week. Chi O, all the way. No one else. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of amazing chapters at A&M, but I connected with Chi O on a soul level. I knew that was my home, exactly where God meant for me to be. Every time I came away from an interaction with at Chi O that week, only one word would come to mind: quality. What quality women, what quality conversation. The women of Chi Omega had such evident quality to them…the kind you sense when you encounter something of great worth or excellence. I felt so at ease, able to ebb and flow in conversation between depth and lightness, a perfect balance. As I said, it was simple, black and white. I just knew.

“Welcome to Chi Omega Chloe!” …so what now? I looked around the room at my beautiful pledge class with a hint of hesitation and thought, “I do not know a soul.” What if I don’t find my people? What if I stay in that lovely-for-the-moment-but-not-forever zone of “wow you guys are amazing!” but never become an integral part of the “amazing you guys”? Before a week had passed, I found myself sitting across the brunch table from Chris Wilson, where all doubts about what I had gotten myself into dissipated into joy. This girl was my kinda girl. A fellow Darcy fan, are you kidding me? Loves Jesus? Loves brunch and Paris and museums and hydrangeas and books and road trips and a million other little things I love too, yet with a stunning set of diverse thoughts and perspectives on life? I left that conversation with the same word lingering in my heart- quality. What a quality girl. Little did I know there were more where she came from. That was only the beginning…

After a series of connections and introductions, it wasn’t long before I found myself at another table, surrounded by some of the most beautiful, diverse, and quality women I had met in my life. We looked around at one another and knew it- this is what they meant. These are the people we had hoped to meet, but wondered about with an element of skepticism.  “How did we find each other??” we often ask. God, obviously, but through the lovely conduit of Chi Omega. Within this sorority I have found coffee dates, study buddies, nurses for when you are too sick to get out of bed, roommates, accountability partners, life coaches, and truly, the best friends a girl could ever pray for. This is why I will always be so thankful I chose Chi Omega, because of the quality people this chapter holds. A friend once told me before I went through recruitment, “I feel like almost every time I’ve met a girl who is just really cool, she turns out to be a Chi O.” More times than I can count, I think about this comment and smile at how true I have found it to be. So, the cheesy platitudes are true, and the big “will I find my people?” question has been answered with a resounding “YES”. I am inexpressibly thankful for the hand of God that has drawn us all together within Chi Omega, and I have become more quality woman because of it!