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Jordyn Slocum

Courtney Wetzel

As a College Station native, a townie, so to speak, you grow up and find yourself in one of two categories: a die hard ag, or a traitor. (Just kidding, plenty of awesome and talented high school classmates of mine made the choice to attend different universities, I’m just a little partial).  Clearly, I found myself in the first category and quickly decided that Texas A&M was the only school for me. Because I had chosen to go to college in my hometown, it was pretty evident that I needed to make my college experience my own, and do something to make my time at A&M unique. So with some encouragement, I decided to go through recruitment and ultimately joined the sorority (and chapter) my mom had been a part of as well as the chapter in which my older sister was an active member. I was doing a really great job of creating my own experience, wasn’t I? But what I failed to initially realize through my choice to follow my mom and sister’s advice to get involved in Greek life, and ultimately Chi O, was that my membership in this chapter was my way to a unique and fulfilling college experience.

Through my freshman and sophomore years as an active member of Chi O, I formed and matured relationships with women from backgrounds vastly different than mine. For the first time in my life, I was telling my friends about my childhood, my values, and my family. Never before had I attempted to explain who I was because before coming to college, I had known my friends my whole life. Immediately upon joining Chi O, I met 60+ women in my pledge class alone who wanted to know me, wanted to challenge me and grow me.  These were women who helped reveal my strengths and point to my weaknesses. Women who exemplified so many of the qualities that I hoped to gain. Women who made studying at the library, going to meetings and living in a house with 40 girls so. much. fun. And through the first two years I spent in Chi O, I became known by the women who I had only known for a short while and I solidified friendships unlike anything I would find in any other organization.

As a junior, I had the opportunity to deepen my involvement in Xi Kappa. Serving on our recruitment team put me in a position to form deeper relationships with the 8 incredible and driven women that made up the rest of the team. This role also gave me the opportunity to be refined by the 200+ active members in our chapter who gave up weeks of their summer to prepare for our potential new members, what a cool experience! This proved to be my most humbling experience in Chi O as I was able to fully recognize and appreciate the incredible character of each woman in this chapter.

Now I sit a senior, ready to enter my final semester of college, and look back on the experience that was uniquely my own. I sit in sincere appreciation for the amazing women who have molded me and prepared me for this next season of life. And I sit in awe of His plan, thankful that it included four years in Xi Kappa, and thankful that the relationships that began here won’t end at graduation.