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Kendall Kaigler

Courtney Wetzel

College is a rush. Like all other freshman, I arrived at A&M last semester and was instantly swept into an accelerated pace of life devoid of most of the consistencies of home. With that being said, I spent a great deal of my first semester seeking comfort whether in the solidity of friendships, the knowledge that I belonged somewhere, or constantly having something going on. It was so easy to get caught up in the mentality of walking into a room focused on myself and conforming to the attitude or image that I believed was expected of me. Needless to say, by the time I began to build relationships in Chi Omega, I was desperately craving a community of people who lived their day to day lives vulnerably.

What astounded me the most about the women I met in Chi Omega was the boldness they displayed. From initiating relationships with girls they barely knew, to their desire to have honest conversations about trials they were experiencing, the people I was surrounded by were living openly in every aspect of their lives. In a season of great temptation to be complacent in retreating to your comfort zone, the people I have met in Chi Omega are determined to deeply know those around them. Seeing others lead out in authenticity and vulnerability has been an incredible gift and yet another example of the Lord’s relentless faithfulness in my life.

    Another way that the women in Chi Omega continue to blow me away is how the people in the pledge classes above me have constantly pursued all the new members. Whether it is my big setting aside weekly time for us to hang, my small group leader sacrificing her Wednesday nights to meet with us, or even spontaneous lunch dates that happen when you run into someone at the MSC, the older members of Chi Omega have put an incredible amount of time and intention into building relationships with the newest pledge class. For no reason other than the selflessness of the other women in Chi Omega, I have been made to feel like a priority, and I could not be more grateful to be a part of an organization that so purposefully commits to loving on each member.